The Arab Contracting Drilling Company was founded in 1981 according to the provisions of Law No. 43 of 1974 with Arab and Foreign Capital investment System.
The Company began operations in 1981 in the field of studies to search for potential groundwater reservoirs and evaluation using geological and geophysical methods as well as drilling exploratory wells and production.

Company Assets

The company has the latest drilling equipment of various capacities from 300 to 1200 meters complete with all accessories in addition to auxiliary equipment which include computerized monitoring devices, air compressors, exploratory pumps and electricity generating units which enable them to perform the work to the fullest.

The company also has a major workshop for maintenance, repair operations and storage of spare parts and a fleet of light, medium and heavy transport.

The company has contributed many of the giant national projects such as The Land Reclamation Project in Eastern Owainat – Toshka project – Wadi Natrun and The New Valley among others.

Since its inception the company has drilled groundwater wells and prepared them for production in all parts of Egypt which include the Eastern and Western Desert Regions, Delta, The New Valley and East Owainat allowing the company to build a broad database on groundwater reservoirs in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Our Services

  • Drilling wells at varying depths up to 1200 meters in order to extract water for agricultural, drinking and industrial use.
  • Obtain hydrological studies of underground reservoirs.
  • Reducing the level of groundwater for the purpose of enabling infrastructure and construction works.
  • The supply and installation of submersible pumps and electrical generators.
  • Exploratory drilling for mining works.
  • General contracting business.